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About ACLC Santa Cruz

Short Courses

In just two years,
ACLC Assoc grad gets the job!

AMA Computer Learning Center - Santa Cruz offers you the best choice after high school. With comprehensive, full curriculum diploma programs and THE MOST ADVANCED COMPUTER LABORATORY IN STA. CRUZ, ACLC will equip you with the necessary training and skills to start-up a career in the I.T. field in just 2 years.

AMA Computer Learning Center (ACLC - Sta. Cruz) provides you with bigger and better opportunities for the future whether you are a high school graduate, college undergraduate/graduate or already in the professional field.
>>>>>  Be a Member of Asia's First & Largest IT University!

AMA: The Backbone of the IT Industry in the Philippines.

As a member of the AMA Computer University System, AMA CLC graduates can have 60 80 percent of their subject units credited to the University degree programs in Business Management, Computer Science and Engineering. You don't have to start as a freshman. You save more than P10,00 in tuition fees!

More importantly, you carry the name of the country's most respected IT based educational system and its wide network of established alumni. The facilities of the University may also be made available upon request.

>>>>>  Here and Abroad, 2 Diplomas are Better than One.
An International and a Local Diploma to start you off on your career in just 2 years!
The ACLC Diploma, recognized by TESDA and local industries, certifies the graduate for employment here in the Philippines. It also certifies the student's membership in the AMA Computer University System, Asia's First and Largest I.T. University.
The NCC-UK international diploma in Computing certifies the graduate for both employment and further studies in all British Commonwealth nations and other nations including the U.S.A., Japan, members of the European Community and many others. More than 80 countries around the world!
>>>>>  Early Employment? Or On To A Full Degree? Or Both?

ACLC gives its students a headstart! In just 2 years ACLC graduates are ready for employment. Or on to AMA Computer University. Or both take college while employed.

Employment or on to a Degree? 60 - 80% of ACLC subjects can be credited to a Full Degree course in AMA Computer University or its Colleges.

There are also programs that allow students to work while going for a Bachelor's degree. Infotech, a subsidiary of the AMA group, can help the student with employment assistance immediately upon graduation from ACLC. You can have the best of both worlds.

>>>>>  Brand-Specific Curriculum Enhancements

Integrating the  "International Certification"  curriculum of the of the Top Industry Leaders in the world.

Beyond basic theories, the proprietary technology of brands such as Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya and others are integrated into the AMA CLC curriculum to equip the graduates with the specific know how and skills required by industry. Without the additional expense and time required by going through specific seminars, our graduates are prepared to take the various government and industry certification exams for the following:

  1. AVAYA Communication - Structured Cabling System
  2. Cisco / Network+ - Networking 1-4
  3. Microsoft Certified Professional - Network Operating System
  4. Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) Accounting - Financial Accounting 1 and 2
  5. A+ Certification - PC Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  6. NCC UK - Computer Fundamentals, Algebra, Programming & Business Comm., etc.

>>>>>  Proven World-Class IT Skills

Since 1997, ACLC Students have consistently won in Local and International IT Competitions.

AMA has been consistently nurturing the best IT minds and fielding participants in both local, ASEAN, and World Youth Skills Olympics competitions. AMA is the consistent champion in the Philippine National Youth Skills Olympics in 1997, 1999, and 2001 and also the IT champion in the 3rd ASEAN Skills Olympics held in 2001, Bangkok, Thailand. AMA has already participated in World Youth Skills Olympics in 1996, 1998, 2000

>>>>>  Industry Certified Instructors

ACLC Instructors undergo the "train the trainor" and industry certification programs they teach.

Experience is the best teacher. AMA CLC teachers are themselves trained extensively to make them more competent and confident to impart knowledge to their students.

>>>>>  Highly-Affordable Diploma Programs

ACLC has priced its diploma programs 50% OFF the actual market value.

The ACLC 2 year diploma program provides students with enhanced ICT education for less with savings on dual training fees, fully integrated curriculum program fees and tuition fees.

These adds up to as much as P 85,000 total savings for the ACLC student. That's real value for money education!

>>>>>  On-the-job training with ACLC and a company

Actual workplace experience, thanks to ACLC's Dual Training System.

AMA Computer Learning Center, P. Burgos St., Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Tel. No. 501-2977, 501-2975, Cel. No. 0920-210-1911