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Courses Offered

Short Courses
Ten 2-year Diploma Courses
1. Associate in Software Development
    (Diploma in Computer System Design and Programming)
Learn the latest techniques and methodologies in program logic development, software development tools, software testing tools, software maintenance, documentation and entry-level software engineering.
2. Associate in Internet Technology
    (Diploma in Web Applications Development)
Secure basic knowledge in internet-based applications for the World Wide Web.  Core IT skills are computer networking and e-commerce.
3. Associate in Computer System and Network Technology
    (Diploma in Networking and Telecommunications Technologies)
In the first year, master computer systems repair and technical troubleshooting.  Then acquire skills in networking to pass industry certification.
4. Associate in Computer-Based Accounting
    (Diploma in Computer-Based Accounting)
Get ready for 21st century Accounting System.  Traditional subjects in bookkeeping and accounting are partnered with modern computer software.
5. Associate in Computer Secretarial
    (Diploma in Office Information System)
Hands-on experience on the development of a basic business information system.  Enter the job market with the necessary accounting, information processing and computer skills.
6. Associate in Multimedia Technologies
Provides training in the latest multimedia technologies and applications.  Learn the tools for implementating interactivity in a software or Web environment while achieving clear visual communication.
7. Associate in Computer Graphics
Focus creating intelligent and powerful visual communication tools with proper management of the production of graphics for many types of industries.
8. Associate in Project Management
Learn the advanced project management principles and methodology with special focus on planning, controlling and coordinating individual and group efforts.
9. Associate in Architectural Design Technology
Exposes students to fundamentals of architecture and traditional drafting.  It incorporates leading edge technology of Autocad.
10. Associate in Business Information Management
Attain basic knowledge and skills in developing information systems.  It covers general IT application found in modern business set-ups.

Five Certificate Programs
1.  Business Application Software
2.  PC Servicing and Networking
3.  Multimedia Design and Development
4.  Computer Aided Design and Drafting
5.  Internet Technology

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